Hairy Bittercress - Cardamine hirsuta, click for a larger image, licensed for reuse
Photo ©2006 - Velela

Hairy Bittercress - Cardamine hirsuta
Genus - Cardamine, Family - Cruciferous
Also known as - Lamb's Cress, Scurvy Grass

Native abundant and widespread annual found over Western, Southern and Central Europe, Western Asia.  It is a slightly hairy plant growing in bare ground and sandy soils on walls, scree, wasteland, grassy areas, banks, dunes, shores, verges and rocky slopes.  Basal rosette of three to seven pinnately divided leaves with with small round side leaflets and rounded lobes.  Upright stems 10-40cm (4-15in) carry very few leaves and an head of unobtrusive white flowers with four stamens 2-3mm (0.1in) across from April to August.

Related species Wavy Bittercress - C. flexuosa, Narrow-leaved Bittercress - C. impatiens

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