Japanese Knotweed Locations
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Map Location Description
Map 1 A331
51:16:32N 0:44:09W
Grid Ref: SU882537
North Camp junction, Southbound verge of A331 with slip road, also second clump on inside corner of slip road.  Irregularly cut, growing well.
June 2002 - whole clump died, sprayed ?.
2003 - evidence of regrowth but not a well as in previous years.
July 2003 - appears to have died again, sprayed ?, some minor re-growth.
May 2004 - Regrowth but again not as good as 2002.
Map 2 A331
51:16:32N 0:44:09W
Grid Ref: SU882537
North Camp junction, Northbound verge junction with Park Road at roundabout for slip road to A331.
July 2003 - Clump growing well.
August 2004 - Clump growing well.
Map 2a A331
51:16:36N 0:43:57W
Grid Ref: SU885538
North Camp junction, Royston Centre.  One stand approx 1M2 growing in corner of car park near to Blackwater River, several more scattered stands about 5M2 in upstream banks of the Blackwater, another stand to Lhs of small access bridge into estate about 5M2.
Jan 2005 - all stands dead, that in car park is trimmed to approx 50cm, those in riverbank have flower stalks remaining.
Sept 2005 - all stands have regrown, that to the left of the bridge was cut back and covered with black plastic and a gravel cover, it has since regrown through the plastic.  Other stands in the area have all flowered.
July 2010 - Stand in Royston Centre car park has minimal regrowth due to regular cutting, other stands in the area are growing well.  Growth in land owned by a coach company has been illegally cut several years running growing well and expanding downriver.
July 2014 - Stand in Royston Centre car park has had no regrowth for 3 years, this stand is dead.
Map 3 A331
51:19:14N 0:45:44W
Grid Ref: SU863586
North of M3 junction, southbound verge, between Sainsbury's traffic lights and M3 roundabout.  Irregularly cut, growing well, about 20M2, evidence of spreading growth.  Second clump about 20mts further north on same side in ditch approx 5M2.
July 2003 - Both clumps growing very well.
May 2004 - Both clumps growing very well.
Map 4 A31
51:10:36N 0:55:01W
Grid Ref: SU758424
West of Hen & Chicken PH about 300mts, on eastbound verge by old disused slip road to private property.  Irregularly cut, growing well (2001) about 6M2.
2005 - whole stand growing well and has flowered.
Map 5 High St, Aldershot
51:14:49N 0:45:21W
Grid Ref: SU869504
Bottom of St. Michaels Road about 150 meters up from the High St., Irregularly cut, growing well through concrete.  Has been there for many years (10+).
2005 - growing well although does not appear to have flowered, possibly cut earlier in the year.
July 2010 - now a building site which has recently been cleared, E.A. regulations observed ? possibly not, evidence of growth around the sides of the site.
Map 6 High St, Aldershot
51:14:49N 0:45:21W
Grid Ref: SU869504
Up the side of gaming machine shop, opposite Jack Jacksons Hardware.  Irregularly cut, growing well.  Has been there for ten years or more.
2005 - growing well although does not appear to have flowered, possibly cut earlier in the year.
Map 7 Monkton Lane
51:13:40N 0:46:46W
Grid Ref: SU853483
Aldershot / Farnham boundary, junction with Lower Farnham Road.  Was irregularly cut / sprayed (approx twice per year) but usually with good regrowth.
2002 - Now has a pavement and brick retaining wall built over part of the stand, but growing back through.
July 2003 - Some re-growth in ditch.
May 2004 - Evidence of regrowth around brick wall.
July 2010 - still very small regrowth around the brick wall
July 2014 - still very small regrowth around the brick wall
Map 8 Puttenham Hill
51:13:23N 0:39:43W
Grid Ref: SU935479
Guildford, car park of the Harvester Ph.  Irregularly cut, growing well (2002) about 2M2.
May 2004 - Clump growing very well.
2005 - growing well and flowering.
Map 9 Boxalls Lane
51:14:19N 0:45:35W
Grid Ref: SU 86672 49540
Brickfields Park, in sand banking by pond outfall.  Cutting regime put in place but with care due to closeness of the growth to drainage, eradicated after two years, no return to date.
No regrowth, this stand is dead, cutting works !
Map 10 Gallway Road
51:15:21N 0:44:51W
Grid Ref: SU875515
Opp Ski Centre, Aldershot, in Army land at top of hill (directly opposite Army gatehouse to 42nd Field Hospital.  No cuts or sprays? for many years, large undisturbed stand in semi woodland, growing well, 50-100M2.
Map 11 Eastern Road
51:14:56N 0:44:27W
Grid Ref: SU879507
Aldershot, by ARE motor factors in brick built herbaceous border.  Small clump of approx six plants has been there for approx six years.  Regularly cut but not to ground level, does not appear to be spreading outside of the border.
May 2004 - regrowth within border.
2005 - some scattered regrowth but not much.
Map 12 A331
51:14:49N 0:44:00W
Grid Ref: SU885505
Southbound verge between North Camp & Aldershot junctions, just before (200M ?) Government Road bridge, a small clump growing from under the fence from unmade lane.
May 2004 - same regrowth as previous years.
2005 - same regrowth.  This stand may be a species variant as leaf shape is not as usually seen.
Map 13 A323
51:15:38N 0:46:25W
Grid Ref: SU856519
Fleet Road, eastbound verge after track on left side up to junction with Clubhouse Road.  Several scattered clumps in a 50m stretch with evidence of previous years growth.  There is a much larger clump on the right hand side of A323 at the junction with Clubhouse Road, about 10M2.  Another clump about 20mts past the junction in ditch on left hand side.  All areas are connected with a ditch and under road gully system suggesting spread via plant / root pieces.
July 2003 - All clumps sprayed, brown & withered
Map 14 A323
51:15:00N 0:46:32W
Grid Ref: SU855507
2003 - South side (Eastbound) verge of dual carriage way between Tesco's and Wellington roundabouts, Aldershot.  Small clump (approx 2M2) in landscaping from building site.  No evidence of previous growth although this could have been removed during building works.
July 2003 - Clump again destroyed in further landscaping by builders, need to see if it re-grows in 2004, where was the spoil dumped by the builders ?.
June 2004 - large patch regrowing, about 12in high mid June, currently subject to regular mowing.
2005 - this stand appears to be dead, no regrowth has been seen since mid July.
July 2010 - no regrowth, this stand is dead, cutting works !
Map 15 A325
51:14:25N 0:47:12W
Grid Ref: SU848497
Small clump about 1M2 or less in roadside verge just past the Hants / Surrey border at the corner of Rowhills, at the top of Carters Walk.
July 2003 - sprayed, clump brown & withered.
June 2004 - Strong regrowth of whole clump.
2005 - still growing although stunted, possibly cut or sprayed earlier.
July 2010 - One branch growing out of lighting stand cover, may regrow back in surrounding area.
2014 - No evidence of regrowth
Map 16 Heath Lane
51:14:06N 0:50:17W
Grid Ref: SU812490
Large clump in roadside hedgerow going towards Crondall.
Map 17


51:15:18N 0:46:33W
Grid Ref: SU855513

Bourley Road, clump in ditch to rear of football pitch about 5mts long.
July 2003 - sprayed, clump brown & withered.
June 2004 - whole clump has regrown.
Map 18 Alisons Road
51:15:30N 0:44:48W
Grid Ref: SU875517
Army lands just up from Government Road at the junction with Thornhill Road and Alisons Road (Dual carriage way).  Large clump in ditch to rear of hard standing.
Map 19 A325
51:14:40N 0:47:06W
Grid Ref: SU849501
Farnborough Road 200-300mts before Cranmore Lane junction, clump in ditch opposite car sales showroom.
July 2003 - sprayed, clump brown & withered.
Map 20 Aldershot Road
51:15:56N 0:49:08W
Grid Ref: SU825525
Between Church Crookham and Windy Gap junction on A323 Fleet Road.  Clump in car park opposite The Feathers public house.
July 2003 - Not treated, growing.
Map 21 Manor Park Annex
51:14:36N 0:45:31W
Grid Ref: SU867500
Aldershot, former site of the Farnborough Technical College annex, now a building site owned by Crest Nicholson.  Stretch of boundary hedge about 20-30mts bordering properties in St. Michaels Road.  Scattered clumps growing both sides of the hedge.
July 2003 - Not treated growing well.
Map 22 North Close
North Lane (A323)

51:14:33N 0:44:24W
Grid Ref: SU880500
Aldershot, North Lane gasworks site.  Stretch of boundary wall about 30mts long bordering properties in front of the site.  Several large clumps.
June 2004 - Clumps growing well.
Map 23 A31 Hickley's Corner
Traffic lights

51:12:49N 0:47:30W
Grid Ref: SU845467
Clump in nearside southbound verge just before the junction.  Subject to major redevelopment in the last 18 months, this clump was not present prior to the junction work so it has been imported during or after completion.  The size of the clump also suggests it was imported.
August 2004 - Clump growing well.
Map 24 Compton
B3400 - A3 Slip road

51:13:00N 0:38:28W
Grid Ref: SU950472
Several clumps in nearside southbound verge going up to the main junction with the A3, about 5sq meters in all.
September 2004 - Unknown cutting regime if any, clumps growing well.
Map 25 Aldershot Town Centre
The Grove

51:14:51N 0:45:43W
Grid Ref: SU865505
Small clump growing in planting scheme in new housing on the old Gale & Polden Printers site.  Not noticed in previous years and not originally on this site, so this growth is from the importation of contaminated soil.
December 2004, clump still growing, presumably due to it's sheltered position.
Map 26 Guildford by-pass
51:13:49N 0:36:55W
Grid Ref: SU967488
Small clump about 3sq meters growing at roadside verge where A31 Farnham Road (Hogs Back) joins the A3 northbound.  Not noticed in previous years and not originally on this site, so this growth is an import.
July 2010 clump growing well about to flower.
Map 27 Guildford by-pass
51:14:27N 0:35:56W
Grid Ref: SU978499
Larger clump about 10sq meters growing in central reservation on the A3 at the Guildford Cathedral interchange where it is joined by the Egerton Road access north bound slip road.  Not noticed in previous years and not originally on this site, so this growth is an import.
July 2010 clump growing very well about to flower.

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