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Bridge rectifiers 1.5A to 35A, transistor pads TO5 TO18 bush TO220, NPN and PNP power transistors 0.5A to 10A 60V to 300V, signal transistors, switching transistors, zener diodes 2.7V to 169V, Darlingtons 4A and 10A at 80V, red and green ultra bright LEDs, seven segment displays, opto isolators, TO5 pin spreaders, Schottky rectifiers, transistor mounting pads, and more. for those hard to find electronic partsp, excess inventory and surface mount components.

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All semiconductor parts are stored and supplied in anti-static packaging.

Diodes | Zener diodes | Bridge rectifiers | Optoelectronics | Thyristors | MOSfet - HEXfet | Hardware
J21442N3440 NPN High voltage 250V (TO5)5£0.75View datasheet
B21392N3773 NPN 140V 16A Motorola (TO3)195£3.00View datasheet
MS21382N3906 PNP (TO92)3600£0.10View datasheet
J24152N5415 PNP High voltage 200V 1A RF (TO5/TO39)6£1.00View datasheet
MM82N5416 PNP High voltage 350V RF (TO5/TO39)11£1.00View datasheet
F19042N5876 PNP 10A 150W (TO3)9£4.00View datasheet
G1127BC212L PNP small signal transistor (TO92)485£0.40View datasheet
MM15BC337A NPN transistor FEC:1017668 (SOT54A 0.1" spread)106£0.10View datasheet
MS37BC556A PNP general purpose transistor (TO92)95£0.10View datasheet
MA17BC557B PNP general purpose transistor, FEC:1017678 or RS:545-2260 (TO92)4£0.10View datasheet
MF124(2)BC846A NPN general purpose transistor 0.1A 65V (SOT23)4730£0.03View datasheet
MS3BC856B PNP general purpose transistor 0.1A 65V Philips (SOT23)1450£0.025View datasheet
MF98BCW69 PNP general purpose transistor 0.1A 45V (SOT23) RS:816-7776 similar FEC:108126848£0.03View datasheet
MF99BCW71 NPN general purpose 0.1A 45V General Semiconductor (SOT23)2500£0.03View datasheet
G1511BCY70 PNP transistor (TO18)79£0.50View datasheet
H21BD132 PNP power transistor 45V 3A 15W, was RS:311-978 (TO126)3£1.00View datasheet
MM22BD135 NPN low voltage transistor, RS:360-491 (SOT32 / TO126)3£0.10View datasheet
C1632BD679A NPN Darlington 4A 80V complementary for BD680A, RS:545-2349 or FEC:9557687 (SOT32 / TO126)1889£0.40View datasheet
MM1741BD680A PNP Darlington 4A 80V complementary for BD679A, RS:714-2684 or FEC:9557695 (STO32 / TO126)21£0.10View datasheet
J2140BF297 NPN High voltage 160V (TO92)185£1.50View datasheet
K2141BF398 PNP High voltage 150V (TO92)760£2.10View datasheet
G1470BU406 NPN Epitaxial Silicon (TO220)88£1.50View datasheet
G1340MJ2501 PNP Darlington power 80V 10A (TO3)17£2.15View datasheet
F1339MJ3001 NPN Darlington power 80V 10A (TO3)17£2.10View datasheet
MM25MPSA42 NPN high voltage transistor 300V, FEC:1574390 or RS:295-214 (TO92)18£0.12View datasheet
F1410MJE350 PNP power transistor 0.5A 300V, FEC:1505286 or RS:486-4577 (SOT32 / TO126)21£0.40View datasheet
MF101(2)PMBT3906 PNP PMBT3906 (SOT23)3480£0.03View datasheet
G1328TIP41A PNP power 6A 60V (TO220)415£0.60View datasheet
G1327TIP42A PNP power 6A 60V (TO220)21£0.60View datasheet
MM65TIP121 ST TIP121 TO220 complementary Darlington NPN 80V 5A TO220, RS:485-9660 or FEC:98040136£0.30View datasheet
MM45TIP126 TIP126 complementary Darlington NPN 80V 5A, RS:485-9676 or FEC:9294538 (TO220)5£0.75View datasheet
MX5ZTX500 PNP Small signal transistor 0.5A 25V (E-line - TO92)350£0.25View datasheet
S49ZTX753 PNP transistor 2A 100V 140MHz power, FEC:9525637 RS:295-539 (E-line - TO92)1£0.25View datasheet

Transistors | Zener diodes | Bridge rectifiers | Optoelectronics | Thyristors | MOSfet - HEXfet | Hardware
S501N6281 diode transient suppressor 27V 1500W 41A, was RS:239-539 now 774-3388 FEC:11263381£0.30View datasheet
S221.5KE68A diode transient suppressor ST 121V 1500W (DO-201), was FEC:607-861, is FEC:1651617 RS: 486-44266£0.25View datasheet
G11221N4001 1A 100V N.O.S. (DO-41)182£0.03View datasheet
MS391N4007 1A 1000V (DO-41)20£0.03View datasheet
G19001N4148 x8 diodes in a DIP package (DIP16)65£0.20View image
MF97LL4148 (SOD80), FEC:7355513 RS:700-288665£0.01View datasheet
G14441N5406 3A 600V (DO-201AD)24£0.10View datasheet
H161N5817 1A 20V (DO-201AD), was FEC:573-097 now FEC:9801197 or RS:652-73215£0.05View datasheet
MM851N5822 3A 40V, was FEC:573-140 now RS:652-7371 or FEC:7429339 (DO-201AD)5£0.10View datasheet
MS3310MQ060N Schottky 60V 1.5A, FEC:1562282 or RS:543-2519 (equivalent BYS11-90-E3/TR) (DO-214AC/SMA)9£0.25View datasheet
F138410TQ03 Schottky rectifier diode 10A (TO220)6£0.75View datasheet
G2300BAT85 Schottky barrier diode (DO-34)80£0.05View datasheet
B1473BYW51-200fast recovery rectifier diode 10A 200V (TO220)38£1.00View datasheet
G1725BYW95Aavalanche Diode 3A 200V (SOD-64)70£0.75View datasheet
H33BYV28-100 transient suppressor 47V 600W, FEC:1612307 or RS:639-3162 (SOD64)12£0.35View datasheet
J1034BYV95C fast switching rectifier 1.5A 600V (DO-204AP)31£0.60View datasheet
F1474BY229-200fast recovery rectifier diode 8A 200V (TO220)75£0.80View datasheet
MA53FR103f fast recovery, was FEC:739-870, is FEC:162504810£0.05View datasheet
H36P6KE47A transient suppressor 47V 600W, similar RS:543-8680 was FEC:166-789 now FEC:1578847 (DO-15)5£0.10View datasheet
G1959SF63Gsuper fast rectifier 6A (DO-201AD)1850£0.50View datasheet
MG1(2)SB560 Schottky rectifier diode 60V 5A (DO-201AD)1770£0.15View datasheet
MF102SMCJ33A diode transient suppressor 33V, DO-214AB, FEC:1797953 RS:628-8155?£0.25View datasheet
MG49SR506 Schottky barrier rectifier diode 60V 5A (DO-201AD)26£0.75View datasheet
MF96SS14 Schottky diode 40V 1A FEC:1467537 (DO-214AC)7350£0.05View datasheet
MS1SS16/11 Schottky rectifier diode 60V 1A (DO-214AD) General semiconductor? 7200£0.10View datasheet
J1958UF4002ultra-fast rectifier 1.5A 100V (DO-204AL DO-41)500£0.075View datasheet

Transistors | Diodes | Bridge rectifiers | Optoelectronics | Thyristors | MOSfet - HEXfet | Hardware
Zener Diodes
MM15221N5335B 3.9V 5W 1N5335B, was RS:283-126 now FEC:9557920 (017AA)5£0.20View datasheet
K22181N5353B 16V 5W, RS:485-4003 or FEC:1798007 (D0-201AE)12£0.25View datasheet
H1495BZX55-C2V7 2V7 0.5W (DO-35)700£0.015View datasheet
MS32BZX55-C15V 15V 0.5W, FEC:9844503 (DO-35)3£0.10View datasheet
G1311BZX61-C15V 15V 1.3W (DO-15 glass)80£0.10View datasheet
G1383BZX61-C36V 36V 1.3W (DO-15 glass)90£0.10View image View datasheet
G1123BZX61-C169V 169V 1.3W (DO-15 glass)115£0.10View datasheet
H32BZX79-C2V7 2V7 400mW, RS:544-3519 or FEC:1097224 (DO-35 glass)7£0.05]View datasheet
H30BZX79-C3V9 3V9 400mW, was RS:642-3982 is FEC:1097231 (DO-35 glass)10£0.05View datasheet
F1901BZX79-C4V3 4V3 400mW, RS:544-3569 or FEC:1097233 (DO-35)39£0.05View datasheet
H31BZX79-C6V8 6V8 400mW, was RS:283-687 now 544-3626 or FEC:1467596 (DO-35 glass)9£0.05View datasheet
MG39BZX79-C8V2 8V2 400mW, RS:544-4449 or FEC:1097242 (DO-35)496£0.05View datasheet
MM86BZX79-C10V 10V 400mW, RS:759-8709 or FEC:9844465 (DO-35)5£0.05View datasheet
MF123BZX84-C15V 15V 300mW Vishay, RS:699-7815 (SOT23)1900£0.02View datasheet
MX38BZX85-C4V7 4V7 1.3W (DO35)22£0.10View datasheet
J2407BZX85-C10V 10V 1.3W, FEC:1467597 (DO-35)45£0.10View datasheet
MM50BZX85-C16V 16V 1.3W Motorola (DO35)27£0.10View image View datasheet
MA52BZX85-C24 24V 1.3W (DO35)10£0.05View datasheet
K2046BZX85-C27V 27V 1.3W, was FEC:9844155 (DO-35)340£0.10View datasheet
F1521BZY88-C7V5 7V5 350mW CV7104 Philips (DO-35)100+£0.25View datasheet

Transistors | Diodes | Zener diodes | Optoelectronics | Thyristors | MOSfet - HEXfet | Hardware
Bridge Rectifiers
J1198W04 1.5A 400V, FEC:1497577 or RS:629-515332£0.15View datasheet
J1060GBPC104 3A 400V, FEC:1612297 or RS:629-2794, equivalent KBPC104 FEC:2291162 RS:468-173218£1.00View image View datasheet View datasheet
G1717KBPC802 8A 200V, FEC:1363738 or RS:227-856413£1.50View datasheet
G1199KBPC3502 35A 200V metal cased, RS:250947101038£2.50View datasheet
MA38GBPC3502 35A 200V metal base, FEC:4084730 or RS:629-02096£1.00View datasheet

Transistors | Diodes | Zener diodes | Bridge rectifiers | Thyristors | MOSfet - HEXfet | Hardware
Optoelectronics - Isolators - Meters
MG837110DINAS Truemeter panel mount 8 digit LCD up/down counter RS:292-67021£5.00View datasheet
J1968C5095 Lascar 6 digit multiplexed display with case (no counter parts, case & display only)17£5.00View datasheet
D15C5095 Lascar 6 digit up/down counter with fittings, used tested working1£15.00View datasheet
D16C7216 Lascar 8 digit counter / frequency meter, with fittings, used tested working1£20.00View datasheet
K15C7217B/2 4C Lascar 4 digit display replacement board2£5.00View image View datasheet
G3551-0207 Dialight LED 3mm HE green 90deg PCB mount, was RS:197-160 now RS:546-04794£0.30View datasheet
D17DPM 343 Lascar 3.5 digit 200mV FSR meter, with panel fittings, used tested working3£15.00View datasheet
J4DPM 343-s Lascar case with panel fittings and 4 digit display board only, no electronics1£7.50 
MA25HCPL2531 dual Opto-isolator HCPL-2531-000E DIP8 1Mb/s Avago Technologies, RS:547-38792£1.25View datasheet
MX34HDSP-3850 10 element Green LED bar graph display Avago, FEC:1003270 or RS:171-13852£2.00View datasheet
MM87HLMP-1700 LED 3mm Red 30mcd, was RS:22-556 now RS:171-1234 or FEC:10032075£0.10View datasheet
MM88HLMP-1790 LED 3mm Green diffused 2.3mcd, was RS:322-570 or FEC:2293472, now RS:180-8451 or FEC:100320910£0.25View datasheet
G2HLMP-1790-A00A2 LED 3mm Green diffused 2.3mcd PCB mount 90deg, was RS:655-170 now RS:450-935 or FEC:1003385RL4£0.30View datasheet View datasheet
MX7BHLMP-3301 Red led 5mm T-1¾ Agilent, RS:826-363108£0.10View datasheet
C6HP5082-7616 7 segment display universal ±1 R/H decimal Agilent (HP) 7.6mm (0.34in)11£4.50View datasheet
H1861HP5082-7650 7 segment display common Anode L/H decimal Agilent (HP) 10.9mm (0.43in)9£4.50View datasheet
H1862HP5082-7656 7 segment display universal ±1 R/H decimal Agilent (HP) 10.9mm (0.43in)11£4.50View datasheet
MA26ILD74 single channel opto coupler (DIP08)2£0.50View datasheet
MF9ILD213 Opto isolator, FEC:1469513 (SO08)1990£0.40View datasheet
S45LGA670-HK LED Green surface mount sideled, was FEC:481-129 RS:192-54555£0.50View datasheet View datasheet
H37LAD-RS-SY LED Yellow for 8mm subminiature switch IDEC A-series, RS:352-7333£0.75View datasheet View datasheet
MX7ALI3330 Red led 5mm T-1¾ Ligitek Electronics500£0.10View datasheet
J1179LT1811-11 LED 5mm Red100£0.10View datasheet
H1719LUG33D LED 3mm Green 13mcd 20mA ultra bright 104deg Titan Opto300£0.25View datasheet
H1860LUR33D LED 3mm Red 15mcd 20mA ultra bright 104deg Titan Opto320£0.25View datasheet
G2AMARL 107-314-04 4 LED module 3mm green 90deg PCB mount, FEC:97373671£2.50View datasheet
H6MKD RS302 Opto coupled triac MKD RS302 (DIP06)1£3.00View datasheet
MS24TIL311 Hexadecimal display with logic 7.62mm 0.3in5£5.00View datasheet
F28TIL197 Opto coupler, was FEC:168-3368 is FEC:16833684£0.30View datasheet
G4TLP127 Opto coupler RS:625-82949037£0.20View datasheet
C14TLP181 Toshiba single opto-coupler, FEC:1141129 (SO08)45£0.30View datasheet
C2431TLP504A-2 Quad opto isolator64£1.50View datasheet
MG20TLP627 single opto isolator (DIP04)75£0.60View datasheet
MS2TOL2012MYB LED yellow high intensity 25mcd surface mount Titan Opto, similar to FEC:1686071 (0805)930£0.05View datasheet
MS4TOL2012MGB LED green high intensity 15mcd surface mount Titan Opto, similar to FEC:852994 (0805)2850£0.05View datasheet
MS12TOL2012MRB LED red high intensity 25mcd surface mount Titan Opto, similar to FEC:1686066 (0805)1790£0.05View datasheet

Transistors | Diodes | Zener diodes | Bridge rectifiers | Optoelectronics | MOSfets - HEXfets | Hardware
G1408BT152 thyristor 20A 600V (TO220)5£1.00View datasheet

Transistors | Diodes | Zener diodes | Bridge rectifiers | Optoelectronics | Thyristors | Hardware
MOSfet - HEXfet
C1905BUZ900 N-Channel MOSFET 8A 160V (TO3)53£5.00View datasheet
C1906BUZ905 P-Channel MOSFET 8A 160V (TO3)53£5.00View datasheet
H3IR2125 500V 100mA MOSFET/IGBT driver, RS:369-7685 or FEC:9101721 (DIP08)2£2.00View datasheet
MA55IRF244N Hexfet TO220, was FEC:637-385o5£1.00View datasheet
MX54IRF630 N-Channel MOSFET 9A 200V, RS:486-0171 (TO220)1£0.50View datasheet
D9IRFI640G 9.8A 200V Power N-Channel MOSFET International Rectifier, FEC:1564065 (TO220FP)55£3.00View datasheet
MS22IRFR2407 N-channel MOSFET 42A 75V, FEC:8649731 or RS:543-1162 (D-pak)200£5.00View datasheet
B2467IRL530 Hexfet 100V 15A (TO220)26£0.60View datasheet
MF100NDS355AN N-channel MOSFET 1.7 A 30V 0.065 ohm Fairchild Semi (SOT-23) RS:739-0167 FEC:9845429?£0.0.15View datasheet
MA59P19NB20 N-channel MOSFET ST 200V 19A 0.15ohm (TO220 plastic)9£2.00View datasheet
MS38VN10LM N-Channel MOSFET (TO92)48£0.50View datasheet
H1517VN10LM N-Channel MOSFET (TO237)23£0.50View datasheet

Transistors | Diodes | Zener diodes | Bridge rectifiers | Optoelectronics | Thyristors | MOSfets - HEXfets
F14Fischer Electronic 43002153 FK 215/32 SOT32 heatsink 21°C/W 25.4x18x13mm black anodised, RS:189-9255 similar FEC:462124410£0.30View image View datasheet
J1469TO3 insulator bush1500£0.02View image
K2142TO3 Silicone pad, FEC:1610914 NTE Electronics P#TP0001410£0.15View image View datasheet
K2087M3.5x15mm tri-lobed screw for TO3 socket K2087B below200£0.05View image
K2087BTO3 transistor panel mounting socket black body, M3.5 screw105£0.80View image
K2087WTO3 transistor panel mounting socket white slim line body, M3 screw60£0.80View image
J19198 pin TO5 to DIP08 pin spreader, similar to Fischer Electronic US 512-4, was FEC:170-010235£0.10View image View datasheet
F13Fischer Electronic 43002220 FK 222/SA-TO220 SK222 SA TO220 heat sink 20°C/W 27x30x12mm black anodised, similar Avvid 523002B00000G 6230B, FEC:462128112£0.30View image View datasheet
S03Avvid Thermalloy (Redpoint) TV40G TO-220/218 heat sink 9.9°C/W18£0.80View datasheet View datasheet
F12Avvid Thermalloy (Redpoint) TV4 TO126 heat sink 27°C/W 22x20x13mm black anodised, was RS:402-954 similar FEC:1700752£0.30View image View datasheet View datasheet
K1334TO220 insulator bush 4.30mm high3000£0.02View image K1334 2D drawing K1334 3D outline
K2479TO220 insulator bush 1.70mm high525£0.02View image K1334 2D drawing K1334 3D outline
H1468TO220 Silicone pad, FEC:1417099 NTE Electronics P#TP0006880£0.10View image View datasheet
MM54Silicone insulator pad for 5x TO220, size 88x18mm, fix centers 76mm16£1.00View image
MG57TO220 heat sink clip Redpoint 4426 KM series, FEC:265238235£0.05View datasheet
S02ABL heatsink extrusion 515AB 88x100x25mm (WxLxH) 1.5°C/W black anodised, RS:234-251415£2.50View image View datasheet
S08ABL heatsink extrusion 115AB 150x100x27mm (WxLxH) approx 1.5°C/W bare aluminium11£3.50View image View datasheet
S09ABL heatsink extrusion 115AB 150x100x27mm (WxLxH) approx 1.5°C/W machined for two TO3 transistors black anodised15£3.50View image View datasheet
S10Heat sink 135x100x16mm (WxLxH) approx 1.8°C/W drilled for two TO3 transistors black anodised, slots in base to take Schroff tapped strips P#30819-594, RS:258-216619£2.00View image View datasheet

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Part numbers -
FEC:170074, RS:401-964, HDSP-3850, 2N3440, 2N3773, 2N3906, 2N5415, 2N5416, 2N5876, BC212L, BC337A, BC846A, BC556A, BC856B, BCW71, BCY70, BD135, BD679A, BF297, BF398, BU406, MJ2501, MJ3001, MPSA42, MJE350, PMBT3906, TIP41A, TIP42A, ZTX500, 1N4001, 1N4007, 1N4148 x8, 1N5406, 10MQ060N, 10TQ03, BAT83, BYW51-200, BYW95A, BYV95C, BY229-200, SF63G, SB560, SR506, SS16/11, UF4002, BZX55C2V7, BZX55C15V, BZX61C15V, BZX61C36V, BZX61C169V, BZX79C4V3, BZX79C8V2, BZX84C15V, BZX85C10V, BZX85C27V, 1N5353 16V, W04, GBPC104, KBPC802, Lascar C5095, HLMP3301, HP5082-7616, HP5082-7650, HP5082-7656, ILD213, LI3330, LT1811-11, LUG33D, LUR33D, TIL311, TLP181, TLP504A-2, TLP627, TOL2012MYB, TOL2012MGB, TOL2012MRB, Truemeter 7110DINAS, BT152, IRL530, BUZ905, BUZ900 IRFI640G, IRFR2407, VN10LM, TO220 bush, TO220 bush (short), TO220 Silicone pad, TO3 bush, TO3 Silicone pad, TO3 socket (M3 screw), TO3 socket (M3.5 screw), TO5 pin spreader, TO220 clip, Redpoint 4426 KM, TV40G, TO-220/218, TO3

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