Recent news - 26th October 2010

More killings in Brickfields Park, Vandalism

More killings .....
Late afternoon Saturday (23rd) we received a call from a concerned resident that there appeared to be two dead ducks in the pond, so we went down to have a look.  We found two of our White ducks dead, in the water amongst plants by the pond outfall, on retrieving them from the pond they were an adult and one of this years youngsters, one shot in the head and one in the chest presumably with an air gun or similar weapon.  Within a few feet of the bodies there was quite an amount of bread in the water so we must presume that the intended victims were lured into the area with the bread and then shot at fairly close range.  Within a few meters of the site was an empty drinks can peppered with holes, so was this target practice or boredom? such a cold bloodied act just defies belief.

Several residents have called with information about the shooting and Aldershot Police were also notified at the time, anyone with information about the shooting should contact Aldershot Police.

Target practice, click for a larger image Victims, click for a larger image Victims, click for a larger image Victim, click for a larger image

Vandalism .....
Several days before the killings we found the fence bordering Chrismas Lodge had again been vandalised.  This fence belongs to Hampshire County Council and is the boundary of the disputed land bordering the top of Brickfields Park that might possibly go for development should Chrismas Lodge ever be sold.  In the current financial situation and with the price HCC was originally asking for the land this is probably not anytime soon.  An access to Brickfields Park from Evelyn Avenue, in fact just where the vandalised fence is, has long been one of our goals and indeed is shown on deeds dating back many years but was not kept when HCC bought the land from the them Aldershot District Council.  The vandals also agree with our view that there should be access here.

Vandalised fence, click for a larger image Vandalised fence, click for a larger image

If you see any vandalism, damage or disturbance in the park, please do not get involved, but phone the Police on the usual numbers -

If you have any news for Brickfields Country Park please e-mail at The Friends of Brickfields Country Park.

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