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The Urban Wildlife Ring

News February 2014

Gunnar Hjalmarsson who ran which hosted the The Urban Wildlife WebRing, has had the the rug pulled out from under him by his hosting company, so at the moment the Urban Wildlife webring is non operational.  Please bear with us while this problem is resolved, meanwhile if you have any questions please email .

Membership Information

The "Urban Wildlife" web ring is a collection of web sites featuring all forms of wildlife in the urban environment - Parks - Gardens - Open Spaces - Wildlife and more.  Originating in America in 1998, The Urban Wildlife ring passed into the care of Graham Leatherbarrow who has devoted his time to a tiny wildlife garden in the North-West of England, which he opened to visitors for charity events during the summer.  At the end of 2003 Graham moved on to pastures new in Isle of Skye and so subsequently passed on care of the Urban Wildlife ring to us here at Brickfields Country Park.

Web Rings? - what are they then?

Webrings - for those of you who are unfamiliar with them, are a way of bringing websites of similar content together on the web, making it easier to find information for a particular subject, in this case "Urban Wildlife".  All of them have a "next" button and pressing this button it will take you to the next site on the ring for you to view.  So if you keep going, you will eventually end up where you started from.  The advantage for member sites in belonging to a Webring is that it increases traffic to your site increasing your visibility to the rest of the world.

Existing members - to edit your site information.

"Urban Wildlife" Ring - Rules

  1. The first main rule is you MUST have an operational web site before you can join this webring.
  2. Your site must feature wildlife in a town or city in an urban area, anywhere in the world.
  3. Your site should be of interest to other suburban or urban wildlife enthusiasts with real content and photographs of a reasonable quality.
  4. The site must be easy to navigate and have no broken links.
  5. Sites with just collections of links or photographs and no content will be rejected.
  6. Commercial sites are allowed subject to review.

To add your site to the Urban Wildlife webring -

  1. Submit your site (Register)  (note: you must choose a password & "siteid" of your choice when you join.) We will be automatically notified of your joining request by the ring.
  2. We will then email you the Html code, Urban Wildlife logo and instructions of how to add to your site.
  3. You modify the page the link is to appear on, upload your code and let us know that by e-mail, we will then activate your part of the ring and you should be off and running.
  4. Wait for visitors, That's all it takes.
  5. If you have any problems e-mail me at - and we'll sort it out.  As long as you have completed and submitted the form, and then uploaded the logo together with the HTML fragment to your site once you have received them, you are in the Urban Wildlife ring.


Below is a working example of the Urban Wildlife ringlink.  You can alter the background colour and basic layout to suit your site when you receive the Html after registering, and those of you with Html experience might like to have a go at differing layouts.  All other parameters will be set up for you.

Red Admiral butterfly, link to The Urban Wildlife Ring homepage

The Urban Wildlife Webring

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For assistance, please e-mail me at - , and let me have your Web site URL, SITEID, full title of the approved site and a description of your problem.  If you are not yet a member just drop me an e-mail.

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