Orange Sallow - Tiliacea citrago, click for a larger image
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Orange Sallow - Tiliacea citrago, click for a larger image
Photo ©2008 - Harald Süpfle

Orange Sallow - Tiliacea citrago
Family - Noctuidae

The Orange Sallow is a species of moth common in the UK and Europe occurring in broad leaved woodland, it can be seen from August to October, generally regarded as suburban moth as it usually occurs wherever there are mature stands of lime including Common Lime, Small-leaved and Large-leaved Lime.  Our Orange Sallow was found within the park deep in woodland scrub, we do not have any Lime species within the park but there are a number in neighbouring estates and roads.

Adults are a pale orange brown / yellow colour with a wingspan between 27-34mm (1.1-1.35in), forewings with feint brown parallel wavy bars delineating into five bands with a single outline circle in the middle band, hindwing with brown veins and terminal border.  Larvae a grey brown above and pale below with a whitish dorsal lines and white tubercles on each segment.  They feed on the leaf-buds and leaves of Lime (Tilia) species.  The head and thorax are furry.

73.179, BF2271

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