Large Skipper - Ochlodes sylvanus
Family - Hesperiidae

Male ♂ Large Skipper - Ochlodes sylvanus, click for a larger image
Male ♂
Photo ©, David Miller
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The Large Skipper is a common grassland butterfly that flies between May and September, it has a wingspan of 30-35mm (1.2-1.4in) with the upper wings of both sexes being brown with orange spots and patches.  The male ♂ has a black line of scent scales, whilst the female ♀ has brighter spots and patches.  The underside of the wings in both sexes is a yellowish brown with paler spots and tinged with greyish green.

The Large Skipper can be found in a range of grassy places, the edges of woods and mountains up to 2000m.  It has one brood, the eggs are laid in "tents" formed by a rolled up blade of grass.  The Caterpillar feeds on a variety of tall Grasses and hibernates as a fully grown Caterpillar.  It is a resident UK species.  It was for a long period known as Ochlodes venatus, but this is now the name of a Far Eastern relative.

Agassiz #57.009, Bradley & Fletcher #1531
Conservation status - the Large Skipper is not listed as a UK BAP species, it is of low conservation priority and not threatened.

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