Beautiful Demoiselle - Calopteryx virgo
Family - Calopterygidae

Beautiful Demoiselle - Calopteryx virgo, click for a larger image
Photo ©2006
J. Lance, FBCP
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Superficially similar to the Banded Demoiselle – Calopteryx splendens, males are an iridescent blue with blue coloured wings whereas the Banded Demoiselle, as its name suggests, has a blue band of colour centrally place on the wings.  Abdomen and thorax are a metallic green–blue, eyes are a deep red–brown.  Females have brown wings with a small white pterostigma.

The head is metallic green shading to bronze along the thorax.  Normally found in fast flowing streams and rivers with sandy bottoms, it will usually be seen May to September flying with a short fluttering flight.  Males defend a breeding territory where they display to females and ward off other males.  Length to 45mm (1.8in), wingspan to 60mm (2.4in).  Locally common in Southern England, absent from Scotland.

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