Clustered Dock - Rumex conglomeratus, click for a larger image, licensed for reuse NCSA3.0
Photos ©2011 Barry Breckling
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Clustered Dock - Rumex conglomeratus, click for a larger image, photo licensed for reuse photo ©2006 NPS
Photo ©2006 Eugene van der Pijll

Clustered Dock - Rumex conglomeratus
Family - Polygonaceae
Also known as - Cluster Dock

Clustered Dock is a reasonably tall perennial hairless weed, native to Europe growing in moist ground, stream banks, wet fields, wasteland, ditches and meadows, from a stout taproot.  Growing from June to October to around 60cm–1.5m (2–5ft) in height with slender stems, with small inconspicuous greenish yellow flowers from March to October.

The top half of the plant becomes the main flowering part with clusters around the stem growing from the leaf axils, maturing to small brown achene.  Light green oblong to oblong–lanceolate leaves are 5–20cm (2–8in) long on stalks 1.2–7.5cm (0.5–3in) long, rounded at the base with wavy edges, the leaves becoming shorter further up the plant.  It spreads by seed and from the rhizome.  It is an introduced invasive species in New Zealand and America.

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