Japanese Knotweed Locations

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Street view #1

Street view #2
A331 North Camp, Southbound
#1 - SU 88386 53741
#2 - SU 88407 53744
Two clumps at the A331 North Camp southbound junction.  #1 in the offside verge of the slip road underneath the footbridge and #2 on inside corner of the slip road beside 30 limit sign.  Both irregularly cut and growing well.  Google streetview images from July 2015.
Street view A331 North Camp, Northbound
SU 88196 53699
North Camp junction, Northbound sliproad in the grass verge just after main roundabout junction with Park Road by small slip road for Lynchford Road.  Google streetview images from July 2015.
Street view #1

Street view #2
Off B3166,
Lynchford Lane

#1 SU 88467 53847
#2 SU 88500 53814
Entry to The Royston Centre.  Three locations, #1 to Lhs of a small access bridge and a neighbouring property.  #2 was in the Royston Centre car park, it was removed under licence but regrew.  It was subject to regular trimming during 2009-2011, as of July 2014 it has had no regrowth for 3 years, this stand is dead.  #3 is located Beside the Blackwater river and the end of a coach company building, it cannot be seen from the road.  This stand was cut illegally for several years running and was still growing well and expanding downriver.
Street view A331
SU 86360 58628
North of M3 junction, southbound verge, between Sainsbury's traffic lights and M3 roundabout.  Irregularly cut, growing well, about 5M2, possibly spreading.  Google streetview images from July 2015.
Street view Farnham, Monkton Lane
SU 85315 48321
Aldershot / Farnham boundary, upper part of Monkton Lane junction with Weybourne Road (B3007).  Has been irregularly cut and sprayed but usually with good regrowth.  In 2002 a pavement and brick retaining wall built over part of the stand, but it is growing back through with re-growth in the ditch.  Google streetview image from June 2015.
Street view B3000 Puttenham Hill
SU 93518 47781
Bordering the car park of the Jolly Farmer Ph.  It used to be irregularly cut and was growing well (2002) about 2M2.  The Google streetview image from July 2015 shows the stand is no longer there.
Map Boxalls Lane
SU 86663 49519
Brickfields Park, in sand banking by pond outfall.  Cutting regime put in place but with care due to closeness of the growth to drainage, eradicated after two years, no return to date.
Map Gallway Road
SU 87486 51503
opposite the Ski Centre, Aldershot, in Army land at top of hill (directly opposite Army gatehouse to 42nd Field Hospital.  No cuts or sprays for many years, large undisturbed stand in semi woodland, growing well, 50-100M2.
Street view Eastern Road, Aldershot
SU 88001 50751
Just behind World Wide Carpets in brick built herbaceous border at entrance to small car park.  Small clump of approx six plants has been there for some years.  Regularly cut but not to ground level, does not appear to be spreading outside of the border.  The Google streetview image from June 2017 shows the stand is no longer there.
Street view A323
SU 85691 50784
2003 - South side (Eastbound) verge of dual carriage way between Tesco's and Wellington roundabouts, Aldershot.  A small clump of approx 2M2 in landscaping from building site for the Beaumont Village.  It was still growing in June 2004 but subject to regular mowing.
In 2005 the stand appeared to be dead.  The Google streetview image from November 2015 shows the stand is no longer there.
Street view Guildford by-pass
SU 96637 48734
A clump of about 3M2 growing at roadside verge where A31 Farnham Road (Hogs Back) sliproad joins the A3 northbound.  Google streetview image from July 2016.
Street view Guildford by-pass
SU 97859 50001
A large clump of at least 10M2 growing in central reservation of the A3 at the Guildford Cathedral interchange just after it is joined by the Egerton Road access north bound slip road.  Google streetview image from July 2016.
Street view #1

Street view #2
A31 Farnham southbound, Hickleys corner
#1 - SU 84449 46835
#2 - SU 84367 46684
Two small clumps of about about 1-2M2 each, #1 growing in left hand verge at beginning of slip road and #2 about 50m further on.  These growths have been in this position since 2004 around the time of the slip road development.  November 2016, both growing well and in flower, seemingly untreated.

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