Lichen - Lepraria incana
Family - Stereocaulaceae

Lichen - Lepraria incana, click for a larger image
Picture ©2010 Fay Newbury
University of Reading
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Many thanks to Fay Newbury at Reading University for the identification of this Lichen species – Lepraria incana.

A widespread and common thin powdery crustose lichen forming dull blue/grey to greenish areas on tree trunks, wall and acid rocks.  Thallus comprised of very small fluffy granules with no clear lobes or white, "cottony" medulla.  It often grows on areas of bark that are sheltered from rain, typically on Beech and Salix.  Botanical description for Incana

Basic species description for Lichens, other Lichen species in Brickfields Park.

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