Lichen - Ramalina farinacea
Family - Ramalinaceae

Lichen - Ramalina farinacea, click for a larger image
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Many thanks to Kay Newbury at Reading University for the identification of this Lichen species - Ramalina farinacea.

A "bushy" grey branched lichen with narrow lobes that have oval spots of their sides.  Occurs on bark often high up as it likes moderately clean air.  I would expect that you won't have a lot of it in the park.

Basic species description for Lichens, other Lichen species in Brickfields Park.

Tufted, upright, pale greenish-gray thallus composed of slender, irregular branches, the thallus commonly 2-8cm (0.75-3in) tall.  Fruticose thallus, upright, bushy, composed of irregular flattened branches, 1-5mm (0.04-1.8in) wide, 0.5-1.5mm (0.02-0.06in) thick and attached at a single point.  Exterior smooth, pale greenish-gray to yellowish-green when dry, similarly coloured when wet, often with a whitish superficial "bloom".

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