Lichen - Xanthoria parietina, click for a larger image
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Lichen - Xanthoria parietina, click for a larger image
Picture ©2010 Fay Newbury
University of Reading

Lichen - Xanthoria parietina
Family - Teloschistaceae
Also known as - Yellow Scale, Shore Lichen

Many thanks to Fay Newbury at Reading University for the identification of this Lichen species – Xanthoria parietina.

Flat, yellow conspicuous "leafy" thalli.  The centre of the lichen is usually covered in disc–shaped orange fruits with a paler yellow border that gives them a jam–tart like appearance.  Occurs on bark, cement, rocky surfaces, walls and trees.

Basic species description for Lichens, other Lichen species in Brickfields Park.

A foliose lichen with a wide distribution being listed in Australia, Africa, Asia, North America and throughout much of Europe.  Typically less than 8cm (3.1in) wide.  The lobes of the thallus are 1–4mm (0.04–0.16in) diameter, and flattened.  Can be yellow, orange, or green–yellow, while under underneath surface is white, with a cortex, and with sparse pale rhizines In the past it was used as a remedy for jaundice because of its yellow colour.

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