Robin - Erithacus rubecula
Family - Muscicapidae

Robin - Erithacus rubecula
Picture ©2001 Pat O'Reilly
Fishing in Wales

The familiar red-breasted bird associated with winter, found over all of Europe frequenting gardens, parks and thickets, widespread in Britain and Ireland.  Most Robins migrate in October to North Africa but some older males ♂ remain.  Size 12-16cm (4.5-6in), adult birds have a red breast with brown wings and head, juveniles are brown streaked all over.

They build a nest of moss, grass and roots on the ground hiding it under grass clumps, in holes or between rocks.  Clutch of five to eight pale yellow eggs with dark spots or blotches, incubated for 13 to 15 days, young are fed mainly on insects by both parents, with berries and fruits during the winter.  Some breeding pairs produce two broods in a year.  Highly territorial, male Robins sing throughout the year.

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