Strawberry Snail - Trochulus striolatus
Family - Hygromiidae (Leaf Snails)

Strawberry Snail - Trochulus striolatus, click for a larger image, photo licensed for reuse CCANC4.0
Photo ©2015 - A. Gomez
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The Strawberry Snail is a relatively small snail growing to around 10–15mm (0.4–0.6in) in diameter.  The shell which is usually comprised of five or six whorls ranges from dirty yellowish–brown colour through Chestnut to a purplish–grey.  It has a deep umbilicus and has coarse growth ridges running across each whorl.  It will be found in any well–vegetated habitat, especially in lower–lying areas with plenty of moisture.

It is common and widespread in lowland areas, woodland, scrub, waste ground and around old buildings and gardens throughout most of Britain and Western Europe.  It is categorised as Least Concern on the Red List, but can suffer from localised extinctions from complete or severe destruction of the local vegetation from erosion, fire, etc.  It is a protected species in Hungary.  Mainly nocturnal, but can be found feeding in the daytime, especially after rain, feeding on a wide range of low growing vegetation, including strawberries, lettuce plants as well as the foliage of many garden flowers.

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