Water Forget–me–not - Myosotis scorpioides
Family - Boraginaceae

Water Forget-me-not - Myosotis scorpioides, click for a larger image, photo licensed for reuse CCASA3.0
Photo ©2013 Iifar
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An evergreen creeping perennial with upright flowering shoots growing to 12cm (5in) tall with variable coloured hermaphroditic flowers to 10mm (0.4in) diameter, of Blue, Pink or White, each with a yellow centre of five petals on a multiple raceme, each flower having five stamens in a central tube.  Leaves are pale green, usually hairless but occasionally lightly hairy, somewhat lanceolate with a pointed round tip, central rib.

Seen during May to September in shady damp areas stream and pond sides, damp roadsides, on neutral soils, often forming a large area.  It is common and widespread, native to Europe and Asia but found commonly elsewhere.  The species name - scorpioides means "like a scorpion", referring to the curled raceme of flowers which resembles the tail of a scorpion.  Favoured by bees and other aquatic insects such as Caddis Flies and Alder Flies.

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