Recent news - 24th May 2006

Chrismas Lodge Closure, Potholes, New arrivals

Chrismas Lodge closes .....
There is currently a campaign to have the now defunct Chrismas Lodge OAP home at the top of the park (in Evelyn avenue) amalgamated into Brickfields Country Park and to use it as a Study Centre, Local Community Centre, Wildlife hospital Etc.  Currently being headed by the Aldershot Civic Society, the campaign is in its early stages and needs support now.  Chrismas Lodge was quietly closed at Christmas and will probably be sold off for development as it is owned by Hampshire C.C. (not Rushmoor), residents of Evelyn Avenue have already been approached to sell land, so the site could gain more access or get even bigger.  More housing on this site would not be appropriate for the area and increase congestion in Jubilee and Coronation Roads.  If left for too long, Chrismas Lodge will be found by the vandals etc, get trashed and become a fait accompli, development by stealth - again.

There is current legislation that supposedly stops development within 5km of a heathland area, so that covers ALL of Aldershot because of the surrounding heaths at Caesar's Camp Etc.  Under the legislation developers have to provide an equivalent area and status of land as replacement to the land developed.  Chrismas Lodge bordering on Brickfields Country Park, a SINC (Site of Interest for Nature Conservation), such development would only be a retrograde step and result in even more rubbish being dumped in the park from the resultant new housing, we get too much "chucked over the fence" now from the current housing estates.

Potholes .....
The potholes in the car park have been temporarily repaired, awaiting the new financial year in April for a permanent repair - watch that space!

New arrivals .....
This years Canada Geese now have 6 young!  The recent arrival of a Canada Goose was quickly followed by another two, the three grouped for a while, and yet later still we had two females sitting on nests and a lone male patrolling the pond.  In the first week in May we then notice we had six goslings with their parents on the pond whilst and the other female was still sitting on her nest, still waiting.  On the same day we also counted ten ducklings and five Moorhen chicks, quite a productive period for Brickfields Country Park!  We'll keep you informed of their progress.

If you see any vandalism, damage or disturbance in the park, please do not get involved, but phone the Police on the usual numbers -

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