Recent news - 13th December 2010

Rare daytime sighting of nocturnal mammal!

This Sunday during our regular work afternoon in the park we heard a bit of noise and banging up in the top corner of the park where it borders Chrismas Lodge and Evelyn Avenue.  Hoping that we might encounter one of our rarer species we dashed up there to see what was going on, to be rewarded with a rare sighting of a group of four young male Homo sapiens stupidus in the middle of performing, ripping up and damaging the wooden boundary and security fencing that separates us from Chrismas Lodge.  Reminding us somewhat of the recent damage done to the Conservative headquarters in London, these "yoofs" were running to, and jumping at the fence, ripping off the broken pieces - possibly we think for tool use.  We hope they didn't hurt themselves during these rituals! we would not want a personal injuries damages claim from this rare and delicate species would we!  On finding out they were being observed, this very nervous species quickly became spooked, pulled up their hoods and ran off, probably thinking they had gotten away into the undergrowth.

Anticipating their possible escape point, we went down to the top of the lane and waited there with a camera for them to appear from the undergrowth by the fence line, so that we could hopefully get some photos of this rare nocturnal creature to add to our gallery.  Being young of the species and presumably rather inexperienced they made enough racket that you did not need to search for them, just to follow the noise of H. Sapiens stupidus making its way noisily through the undergrowth.  its very rare we spot this nocturnal species during the day, we usually only see the results of their rituals after a night's prowling, not actually witness it, a rare pleasure indeed!

Anyone with further information about this incident should contact Aldershot Police, or dare we say possibly the B.B.C.'s Autumnwatch program.

H. Sapiens stupidus H. Sapiens stupidus H. Sapiens stupidus H. Sapiens stupidus
Very easily spooked, H. Sapiens stupidus quickly disappear into the undergrowth.
H. Sapiens stupidus Vandalised wire fence Vandalised fence Vandalised security fencing
The aftermath of their nocturnal rituals are usually only found a few days later
Occasionally extensive territorial marking or "tagging" of affected areas can be found.

If you see any vandalism, damage or disturbance in the park, please do not get involved, but phone the Police on the usual numbers -

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