Blue Tit - Parus caeruleus
Photo ©2000 Pat O'Reilly
Fishing in Wales
Blue Tit - Parus caeruleus
Photo ©2000

Blue Tit - Parus caeruleus

Common bird in the British Isles growing to a length of 11-14cm (4-5.5in) with a yellow chest, light green back and wings that are blue at the shoulder to dark grey or black at the tip.  The head is blue on top, with white sides and a dark blue / black ring around the lower neck, and a black eye stripe.  The Blue Tit is widely distributed across much of Europe, building its nest in hollow trees, pipes and other crevices in both town and country areas.

It lays a clutch of up to 16 white eggs heavily speckled with rust coloured patches, which they brood for about two weeks.  The young are fed mainly on insects, larvae and seeds.  Breeding pairs over winter together, commonly with other tit species.

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