Lichen - Physcia tenella
Family - Physciaceae

Lichen - Physcia tenella, click for a larger image
Picture ©2010 Fay Newbury
University of Reading
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Many thanks to Fay Newbury at Reading University for the identification of this Lichen species – Physcia tenella.

Pictured here with the yellow Xanthoria parietina, P. tenella can often be found on twigs.  This common foliose lichen has relatively small grey lobes that are fringed with long black or dark grey cilia (whiskers).  Widespread and often abundant on twigs, bark, walls and rocks, often in company with Physcia adscendens, Phaeophyscia orbicularis and Xanthoria species, as indicators of nitrogen enrichment.

Now often the dominant lichen on trunks of trees urban areas.  It can be confused with Physcia adscendens which is similar in appearance but the lobe ends in this species tend to be recurved forming helmets whilst the tips of upturned P. tenella margins reveal a powdery undersurface.

Basic species description for Lichens, other Lichen species in Brickfields Park.

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