July Highflyer - Hydriomena furcata, click for a larger image, photo is in the public domain
Photo ©2010 Welter Schultes
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July Highflyer - Hydriomena furcata larvae, click for a larger image, photo licensed for reuse CCA2.0
Photo ©2010 Patrick Clement

July Highflyer - Hydriomena furcata
Family - Geometridae

The July Highflyer is a common and abundant moth found in the Holarctic world zones, I.E. the UK, Europe, the far east and North America.  With a wingspan of 22–30mm (0.85–1.2in) it is a variable species where its base colour ranges from green through to reddish brown, with distinct dark cross bands that can vary in intensity and pattern, there is an apical streak on the forewings whilst the hindwings are a pale brown.  The outer subterminal band usually has a pale white stigma in the center.

 There is one generation per year and the adults are seen on the wing from May to August.  It prefers hedgerows, heaths and woodland margins.  Hydriomena is a species which show a distinct "shoulder" at the base of the forewing.  The moderately hairy larvae are brown above and pale below with a mottled white stripe to the sides; each body segment joint has a pale reddish brown splotch below.  They feed on various broad–leaved trees and shrubs, including Willows, Bilberry – Vaccinium myrtillus, and Rowan.

Agassiz #70.074, Bradley & Fletcher #1777

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