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by Tim Childerhouse

The Boxall family came into possession of the land in about the middle of the 1600's, probably at the time of the Great Rebellion, England's Civil War.  Widow Sarah Boxall[1] did not pay her taxes and was taken to court in London in 1703, soon after this the land seemed to become split into several smaller sections, of which Boxalls Farm[2] was the largest in acreage.

Shortly after the arrival of the Army in Aldershot in the middle 1800's, either Boxall or Eggar dug the pit to extract the clay for building purposes and in the area of what is now the Brickfields housing estate, stood the brickworks with drying huts, ovens, etc.  This area was to have been built upon in 1935 but work was delayed until Jubilee and Coronation Roads were completed.  Just before the houses on the Brickfields estate were built, a concrete factory[3] produced pipes, slabs, etc. in the area previously occupied by the Aldershot Brick and Tile Works (Company #7429, 1873)[4].

The gravel path leading to the pond was known before the war as Frog Lane.


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  1. See page 11 for a brief Boxall family tree covering 1682 to 1710.
    There is a marriage in Aldershot in 1690 between a Joseph BOXALL and a Sarah LUDLOW that states Sarah is from Crookham, Hampshire and Joseph from Selbourne.
    There is a burial for a Sara BOXOL in 1727 at Aldershot (St. Michael the Archangel[5]). [top]

  2. From – www.hants.gov.uk/hampshiretreasures/vol03/page199.html -
    "Farmhouse, Boxalls Farm.  Stone and brick structure.  Extensively restored.  Original structure possibly C.18, on the site of an earlier building.  Farmland was rented by Waverley Abbey until its dissolution 1536.  Ref: The Story of Aldershot, (Cole), p.294.  SU 866 494, Card 0102 08".
    Unfortunately Hampshire C.C. has taken down the "Hampshire Treasures"; section of its website, so all the contents of this useful on–line resource about Hampshire's past has been lost. [top]

  3. See page 8 of these history documents. [back] [top]

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