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August 2018  -  We must thank everyone who helped to make our Funday another great event in the local community - the public and visitors, our stallholders and volunteers and our sponsors - many, many thanks.

  May 2018 Pond regeneration plans.
  March 2014 Fly tipping (again) & Brickfields Park is mentioned in "Manor Park Matters".
  December 2013 Gate vandalism (twice) & Fly tipping.
  October 2013 Brickfields Country Park features in "The Word".
  1st December 2011 Help from local companies.
  22nd August 2011 Unsocial - dangerous behaviour, Rushmoor by-laws.
  5th July 2011 Funday and lost property - is it yours?
  20th May 2011 Brickfields Country Park joins The Brenda Parker Way.  Goose killed by dog.  Fox cub saved by local "unlikely" lads.
  13th December 2010 Rare daytime species sighting in the park.
  26th October 2010 Ducks murdered.
  15th September 2009 Assault, brick plinth re–built
  13th May 2009 Geese killed by vandals.
  20th August 2007 Land grab update  -  Fly tipping on a grand scale!
  15th January 2007 Land sale update  -  Best Report and Aldershot Civic Society.
  15th August 2006 Wildlife, Storms.
  24th May 2006 Chrismas Lodge Closure, Potholes, New arrivals.
  16th January 2006 Drugs bust - well almost, Flight Arrivals.
  28th October 2005 Homo sapiens ssp. stupidus strikes again! Illegal parking.
  10th June 2005 Batty Brickfields makes the front page!
  3rd October 2004 Trees down in storms, Encroachment, Rubbish.
  12th August 2004 Long time, Bob Carrington, Fun Days, Vandals, Burnt out cars.
  3rd July 2002 Fun Day 2002, Newts, Terrapins, Pond plants, Geese, Fires.
  7th June 2002 Fun Day, Geese / Ducks / Moorhens breeding, Queens Jubilee.
  20th May 2002 Wildlife, Arsonists, Insurance, Fun Day.
  4th April 2002 Fun Day, Wildlife, Arsonists.
  17th July 2001 Fun Day, Green Family Sunday, Wildlife, Arsonists, Common Snappers, Sponsors.
  14th May 2001 The Body Shop, Homo sapiens ssp. stupidus, Geese breeding, Butterflies & Terrapins.
  16th April 2001 Ducklings, Geese breeding
  20th March 2001 Foot & Mouth, dog poo, Rain, Body Shop, Newts & local gardens, Fun Day 2001
  3rd December 2000 Awards, Fish movements, Tree planting, Press report
  25th October 2000 Terrapin finals, fish stocks and new photos.
  15th September 2000 Fire, Terrapins (again!), fish stocks and new photos.
  21st July 2000 Fun Day, Road signs, Moorhens, Captives on display.
  26th June 2000 Geese, Terrapins & fish over stocking.
  6th June 2000 Newts, Geese, Moorhens, Terrapins (again), vandalism.
  17th April 2000 Terrapins, Newts, Fun Day 2000.
  18th February 2000 Boats, Rubbish bins replaced, Fun Day 2000.
  23rd January 2000 Fly tipping, New waste disposal rules, Cycle ramps.
  11th January 2000 No fishing sign stolen? Terrapin catching, Cycle ramps.
  17th December 1999 Busy year, Illegal fishing, Council work, Terrapins, Rat catching and 1999 Fun Day.

How long does litter last? do you know? try the list below and then please remember to dispose of your litter properly.

Orange peel and banana skins -up to 2 years
Cigarette butts -1 - 5 years
Wool socks -1 - 5 years
Plastic coated paper -5 years
Plastic bags -10 - 20 years
Plastic container -20 - 30 years
Nylon fabric -30 - 40 years
Leather -up to 50 years
Tin cans -50 years
Aluminium cans -80 - 100 years
Plastic six pack holders -100 years
Glass bottles -1 million years
Plastic bottles -indefinitely?

(Data from the Marine conservation Society, 9 Gloucester Road, Ross–on–Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 5BH, Tel 0989 66017, Fax 0989 67815)

We hope to see you in the park soon.

If you have any news for Brickfields Country Park please e-mail at The Friends of Brickfields Country Park.

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