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All photos are set to 72ppi, but can be supplied in higher resolutions if required.  All other photographs in the FBCP web site are copyrighted to their respective owners, who should be contacted before the photos are used for any purpose.  We would normally grant permission for research and study use only, however limited commercial use can be granted for a small fee, however none of the photos are offered as quality images.  As the number of photos are growing rapidly they are listed in film order as we take them, with a date covering the period (most recent at the top), linked to thumbnails for that film only.  Once you have got to a larger image, navigation buttons allow you to scan through ALL of the photos in the database irrespective of the film.

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Misc photos 2009-2015 Miscellaneous photos
Funday photos 2009-2015 Various photos from our recent Fundays
Post construction Approx 1985 These photos of the park shortly after it was opened in 1985
Film 23 Feb - March 2003 Rubbish, Crocus, Volunteers, Spawn, misc flowers
Film 22 January 2003 Various views of the park in snow.
Panoramic photo January 2003 A full panoramic view of the park.
Film 21 July-Aug 2002 Newts, RSPCA, Volunteers, Hedgehog, Flowers, two species added.
Film 20 June 2002 Flowers, Funday 2002, Damselfly, Dragonfly, three species added.
Film 19 May-June 2002 Damselfly, Geese family, two species added.
Film 18 Nov 2001 - Jan 2002 Flowers, Fungi, Bramble, two species added.
Film 17 Sept-Oct 2001 Hops, Red Admiral, two species added.
Film 16 Aug - Sept 2001 Butterflies, Damselflies, Plants - two species added.
Film 15 July - Aug 2001 Grasses, Plants, Dragonflies - two species added.
Film 14 June 2001 Plants, Terrapins & Beetles - one species added.
Film 13 May - June 2001 Plants, Animals & Volunteers - four species added.
Film 12 May 2001 Awards, plants and animals - three species added.
Film 11 Jan 2001- April 2001 Misc plants - seven species added.
Film 10 Nov 2000 - Jan 2001 Koi Carp, Eden Project, Misc plants - five species added.
Aerial photo 2000 Recent aerial photograph of the park
Film 9 Sept - Nov 2000 Fish Relocation, Plants and Invertebrates - seven species added.
Film 8 Aug - Sept 2000 Plants and Invertebrates - four species added.
Film 7 July - Aug 2000 Plants and Invertebrates - six species added.
Film 6 July 2000 Funday, caught Terrapins, plants - seven species added.
Film 5 June - July 2000 Various trees and plants (and blossoms) - ten species added.
Film 4 May - June 2000 Various plants and their blossoms - 15 species added.
Film 3 March - May 2000 Bluebells, nesting Geese, Hawthorn blossom, Heron, Adders & misc plants.
Film 2 March 2000 Ducks, Geese, Lesser Celandine, Daffodil, Mahonia & misc plants.
Film 1 Feb - March 2000 Alders, Anthills, Bluebells, Crocus, Daffodils & misc views.
Film 0 Previous to 2000 Ducks, Road signs & Terrapins

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