Hoverfly - Megasyrphus annulipes
Family - Syrphidae
Also known as - M. erraticus

Hoverfly - Megasyrphus annulipes (erraticus), click for a larger image
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A large hoverfly, wingspan up to 25mm (1in) wing length 10.5–12mm (0.4–0.48in) with the familiar black and yellow abdominal striping that like other hoverfly species allows M. annulipes to mimic wasps.  Superficially similar to several hoverfly species M. annulipes is larger and rather hairier than comparable species, with a blackish brown and shiny thorax and a black facial centre stripe with long, bright hair and dark antennae.

Widespread but localised in the UK, they are usually found in coniferous plantations, woodland margins and rides from May to October, but are more frequent in Europe.  They visit a wide variety of flowers, especially yellow composites, larvae feed on aphids, often on conifers.

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