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  1. Access

    It is proposed that the only vehicle access be the continued use of the access way leading to the south of the site from Boxalls Lane.  Pedestrian access can of course be gained either from Boxalls Lane or the existing footpath to the south of Southmead Road and also from the cul–de–sac at the north end of Jubilee Road and Evelyn Avenue.[1]

    Car parking arrangements should be gathered informally right around the vehicle access off Boxalls Lane.  In the first instance it is suggested that the area be restricted to around twenty cars and this area would be denoted by the use of timber bollards placed in the ground around the perimeter of the parking area.  The parking area would be unpaved and formed literally of the ground surfacing being compacted hard natural ground surface.  The pattern of visits by cars and consequent parking must be monitored before future use patterns can be established and proposals made for larger areas of car parking and possibly a more formal car park layout and a paved surface be installed[2].

  2. Costs

    The landscape proposals are shown on the plans and can be summarised as follows :

    1. Installation of surface water drainage to Engineers requirements.
    2. Clearing, dragging, tidying and extending pond size as shown on the plan.
    3. Regrading of ground levels.
    4. Rotavation of the areas to be grass seeded prior to adding topsoil and seeding.
    5. Creating new steps, paths and car parking as shown, together with necessary works to form the cycle way and toboggan slope.
    6. New shrub, grass and tree planting as on the plan.


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  1. This pedestrian entrance from Evelyn Avenue was evidently in place at the time of the report (July 1983) and it has been noted that it was also marked on several old deeds for the land as "Points A – B marked on the plan and outlined in red".  At some (unknown) point it was blocked off, allegedly by Hampshire County Council the owners of the land bordering the park on which they built Chrismas Lodge.  This parcel of land was bought by them (HCC) from Aldershot Borough Council. [top]

  2. Built as outlined in this report, the car park was eventually regraded and paved. [top]

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