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  1. Costs (cont)

    The Drainage Engineers estimate that approximately £5,000 should be budgeted for materials for the necessary drainage works.  If this work is carried out by contractors, an additional £5,000 should be budgeted for labour costs.

    The cost of the regrading works, top soiling and clearing of the pond together with new grass seeding and tree planting is difficult to assess.  However, it is anticipated that this work can be carried out within the budget provision figures which are an allocation of £12,000 in 1983 / 84, and a further allocation of £27,000 in 1984 / 85.  It is quite likely that because of the nature of the work and the amount of work involved, that it will need to be phased over two or three years.  The scheme lends itself to being achieved largely by the use of labour in the form of young people working for the Manpower Services Commission[1] and it is thought that if the Committee approve these proposals, then an economic use of a scheme such as the Manpower Services could benefit both the Manpower Services and the Council, and indeed the community as a whole.  Preliminary consideration suggests that this would be practical and Committee are asked to agree that if such arrangements are possible then the scheme would be progressed on site by Such an arrangement which would be likely to show significant savings on current budget provisions.  It follows that any basic scheme carried out under the Manpower Services may have to have some specialist completion works during the development for example, the drainage works and in the final stages possibly the planting of semi–mature trees, and any complementary road or car parking works.

  2. Recommendations

    The Committee are recommended to approve the scheme and to approve the principle that as much of the work as is practical be carried but by the Manpower Services people, and that the cost plan as set out be used as the basis for getting the scheme underway and a more detailed cost analysis be provided when the ramifications of the Manpower Services and availability of cheap or free materials can be assessed.

    Discussions have taken place with the planners on these proposals and whilst a formal planning approval is not required for these works, it is felt that it would be desirable to submit the proposals to the Planning Committee for information purposes.

Roy Sharpe
Borough Engineer and Surveyor


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  1. The Manpower Services Commission (MSC) was a non–departmental public body of the Department of Employment in the United Kingdom created by Edward Heath's Conservative Government in 1973.  The MSC had a remit to co-ordinate employment and training services in the UK through a ten–member commission drawn from industry, trade unions, local authorities and education interests.  See the Wikipedia page here. [top]

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