False Oil Beetle - Oedemera nobilis
Family - Oedemeridae
Also known as - Thick legged Flower Beetle

False Oil Beetle - Oedemera nobilis, click for a larger image
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A metallic-green slender beetle growing to about 10mm (0.4in) long, both males ♂, and females ♀ have this bright metallic colouration but only the males have the characteristic swollen or thick hind legs which are used during mating.  It is usually seen from May to August and is common in the Southern UK, being found in gardens, grassland an woodland glades.

It is commonly seen on flowers of the Oxeye Daisy, however they can also be seen feeding on pollen in a range of flowers, notably the daisy, carrot and rose families, including Hogweed, Hawthorn, Dog Rose and Bramble.  The larval stage of this beetle feed and develop within plant stems.  The Elytra taper and splay towards tip of abdomen and do not completely cover wings.

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